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Steel furniture

For years of successful work the company established close business relations with suppliers of Russia and the neighboring countries.
  • Steel furniture
  • Materials for safe traffic

Materials for safe traffic

Materials for safe traffic from LLC Technology Export meets all modern requirements and standards
  • Geosynthetic materials
  • Materials for safe traffic

Geosynthetic materials

Geosynthetics - Bonar, Naue. Properties and scope of geosynthetics vary depending on the type of polymers used for their production.
  • Steel furniture
  • Materials for safe traffic

About us

The ankom COMPANY - the accredited supplier who is engaged in complex supply since 2003. During this period has established itself as a reliable and stable partner. The company carries out supply of the enterprises, plants, the organizations of any profile with the necessary equipment, equipment, furniture, construction materials and any other production. Ordering services in supply and purchases from us, You provide to the enterprise uninterrupted deliveries of all necessary materials.

Company news

Our locations

We are glad to inform that ANCOM has offices outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To improve the deliveries from Russian Federation, an office is founded in Moscow oblast, and for the deliveries from European countries, we have opened an office in Turkey, Ankara. Both offices are fully equipped, with supplies experience to the Republic of Kazakhstan under FCA terms, and with all required resources.

Atyrau (Kazakhstan)
"ANKOM Atyrau" LLP.
060026, Taymanova 2A, Atyrau
+7 7122 29 09 75
+7 7122 29 12 57 (fax)
+7 (701) 631 03 81

Ankara (Turkey)
Şeker Mah. 1417. Sok 7/A No: 33 PC 06820
Etimesgut, Ankara /Turkey
+90 312 425 50 75
+90 555 399 16 44

Moscow (Russia)
+7(920) 534-44-58
+7(499) 322-78-37 доб.1